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Author: Callie Hart

Genres: Romance , Mystery

Views: 4213

Series: Blood & Roses #4



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Fallen (Blood & Roses #4)

For over two years, Sloane Romera has pinned everything on finding Alexis. Life was going to get better. Easier. Happier. The nightmare of having a missing sister was supposed to end, and everything was supposed to go back to normal. 
However, now that she’s found her sister, Sloane is discovering that life has a way of ridiculing what we expect of it. 
Nothing is easier.
And ‘normal’ is falling for a man who might never be able to feel the same way.
A lengthy history of breaking things with his fists has given Zeth Mayfair a fairly good idea of how to get his own way. But when his goal, the one, single woman on the face of the planet that he’s truly ever wanted, can only be obtained by fixing things instead of destroying them, how can he adjust a lifetime of violence in order to make her his once and for all? And how can he make sure that she is safe?
The first part is going to take time. But the second part…
The second part is easy. 

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